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IT IS ABOUT MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART. These art movement may sound synonymous but are not. Modern art may sound new but is actually quite old. this term covers artworks, style, and movements from the 1860s till around 1970s. Contemporary art covers the artworks from the 1970s to the present.

Course Outline – ART 10

First Quarter

Course Description:

This course demonstrates understanding of salient features of contemporary music and the arts, through appreciation, analysis, and performance, for self-development, the celebration of Filipino cultural identity and diversity, and the expansion of one’s world vision.

I. Objectives: At the end of the quarter the students may be able to:

A. apply different media techniques and processes to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories showing the characteristics of the various art movements (e.g. the use of industrial materials or found objects, Silkscreen Printing, etc.);

B. evaluate works of art in terms of artistic concepts and ideas using criteria from the various art movements;

C. show the influences of Modern Art movements on Philippine art forms.

II. Topics:

 A. Modern Art and Contemporary Art

  1. Modern Art
  2. The Modern art Phenomenon
  3. Styles of Modern Art
  4. Materials, techniques, elements, and principles of art in

a. Impressionism

b. Expressionism

c. Cubism

d. Dadaism

e. Surrealism

f. Abstract Expressionism

g. Pop Art

h. Optical Art

i. Performance Art

j. Happenings and the Art Mob

5. Major Artists and Artworks of Modern Arts

III. Criteria for Evaluation

A. Written Works- 20%

B. Performance Tasks- 60%

C. Quarterly Assessment- 20%

Total- 100%

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