Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

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The course deals with the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of ethical standards in the business environment. It combines the theoretical foundations of setting up business enterprises with the conduct of entrepreneurial activities in the context of one’s accountability and social responsibility.


At the end of the course, students should be able to understand the following:

1. Mechanisms whereby companies can be made to act in the best interest of shareholders, other stakeholders, and society as a whole;
2. General ethical principles as applied to the special situations of business and the ability to make informed judgments through case analyses; and
3. Basic strategies in relation to corporate ethics and governance.


Unit One: Business and Society

Chapter 1. Nature, Purpose and Scope of Business
Chapter 2. Principles and Ethical Considerations
Chapter 3. Common Business Practices

Unit Two: Foundations of Business Ethics

Chapter 4. The Nature of Ethics and Business Ethics
Chapter 5. Belief Systems and the Conduct of Business
Chapter 6. Subjectivism, Relativism, Objectivism
Chapter 7. Moral Reasoning and its Application in Business Ethics
Chapter 8. Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics
Chapter 9. Business Ethics and Filipino Values

Unit Three: Ethical Issues in Relation to the Various Stakeholders

Chapter 10. Some Ethical Issues in Consumer Relations
Chapter 11. Some Ethical Issues in Employer-Worker Relations
Chapter 12. Some Ethical Issues in Relation to the Government
Chapter 13. Some Ethical Issues in Relation to the Natural Environment

Unit Four: Business Beyond Profits

Chapter 14. Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 15. Social Entrepreneurship

Introductory Video: Business Ethical Dilemmas and Stakeholders

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