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COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao 4 is one of the subjects of the expanded K to 12 Education Program that guides and educates young people. The student demonstrates the understanding of giving importance to an orderly and happy life that entail responsibility and prudence toward oneself, others, community, country and God.


At the end of the quarter, the students will be able to;

  • Understand that God’s law/ Ten Commandments are rooted in love, strive to follow the laws of God and pray to God for guidance to obey His laws;
  • Realize that to love and serve God is our first duty in life, love and serve God with all our heart and pray to God for the grace to obey Him always;
  • Realize that God is all powerful Creator and Father of us all, use God’s name to bless other people and pray the “Lord’s Prayer” with much reverence and then pause for a while on the part of “Hallowed be Your Name”.
  • Understand that Sunday is the Lord’s Day,keep the Lord’s day holy by doing good things and celebrating the Holy Eucharist with the family and thank God by celebrating the Holy Eucharist with the family; and
  • Understand that God is almighty and powerful who directs our lives, manifest great faith and trust in God to glorify Him and pray with faith always.

II. Content

Unit 1: Our Duties Toward God

      Lesson 1: Necessity and Purpose of Rules in Human Life

      Lesson 2: We worship God’s home

      Lesson 3: We honor God’s Name

      Lesson 4: We keep God’s Day Holy

      Lesson 5: We glorify God’s with our Lives


Written Work                                                 30%

Performance Tasks                                       50%

Quarterly Assessment                                20%

TOTAL                                            100%

MS. AIRA MAE V. OLIVA                              ______________________________                         

      ESP Teacher                                                 Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature/Date

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