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VICMICO, Victorias City, 6119 Negros Occidental, Philippines
Junior High School Department | School Year 2020–2021

Course Outline
Electrical 8 Drafting
Second Quarter S.Y: 2020 – 2021

Course Description

This is an exploratory and introductory course that leads to a Technical Drafting. It covers five (5) common competencies that a Grade 7/Grade 8 Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) student ought to possess, namely: 1) use of tools and equipment; 2) maintaining tools, drawing instruments, equipment, and paraphernalia; 3) performing mensuration and calculation; 4) interpreting technical drawing and plans; and 5) practicing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) procedures.

I. Objectives:

A. Interpret the electrical symbols;
B. draw the electrical symbol and diagrams;
C. create their own electrical plan and diagrams;
D. analyzed electrical plan and diagrams;
E. apply the schematic diagram into the actual circuits.

II. Content

A. Introduction of Electrical Drafting
B. Electrical Symbols and Wiring Diagrams
C. Simple Circuit
D. Series Circuit
E. Parallel Circuit
F. Series-Parallel Circuit
G. Single Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
H. 3 Gang Switch
I. Tunnel Wiring Diagram

III.Criteria for Evaluation:

                        Written Work (Quizzes)                               ————————-                20%
  Performance Task                                     ————————-                60%
Quarterly Assessment                                  ————————-                20%

IV. References

Electrical Lay out and Estimate Second Editions; Max B. Fajardo Jr. and Leo R. Fajardo
Electrical Plates Don Bosco Technical Institute-Victorias
Technology and livelihood education series electrical installation and maintenance an exploratory course 7/8; Nestor V. Pita Jr. Coordinator Clodualdo V. Paiton

Prepared by:

      Ms. Gerlie L. Damasco

      Subject Instructor                                                                  Parents’ / Guardians Signature

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