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VICMICO, Victorias City, 6119 Negros Occidental, Philippines
Junior High School Department | School Year 2020–2021

Course Outline
Electrical Technology 8
First Quarter S.Y: 2020 – 2021

Course Description

This module is an exploratory course which leads you to electrical installation and maintenance. It covers competencies that Grade
8 Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) students ought to possess namely; Prepare electrical supplies, materials and tools. Perform mensuration and calculations. Interpret technical drawings and plans. Maintain tools and equipment. Practice occupational health and safety.

I. Objectives:

At the end of this quarter the learner should be able to:
A. Define what is Electricity and its basic principles.
B. The types of electricity.
C. Identify the two types of current.
D. Identify the great minds that have the biggest contributions in the field of electrical.
E. Identify the materials and supplies that usually used in electrical.
F. Define what is Multitester.
G. Identify the parts of Multitester.
H. Demonstrate the proper troubleshoot and test all the components used in electrical.
I. Construct their own circuit.


A. Introduction of Electrical
1. The Nature of the Electric Charge/ Electric Current
B. Materials and supplies
D. Electrical Circuits
1. Parts of a complete circuits
2. Types of electrical circuits

III. Criteria for Evaluation

Written Work (Quizzes)                               ————————-                20%
  Performance Task                                    ————————-                60
Quarterly Assessment                                 ————————-                20%
TOTAL    100%

IV. References

Introduction basic electricity and electronics technology Earl Gates, k to 12 Electrical Installation and Maintenance Exploratory course grade 7 and 8, Pinoy Enterprenor A Series on Filipino Money-making Ventures Electrical Services, Pinoy Enterprenuer Industrial Arts and Technology.

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