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            Course Description:

This course provides wide range of literary criticism which will help the students enhance their ability to critic movies and writings, as well as making correct inferences of stories, by using formalistic approach. Learners will improve their reading rate, accuracy and comprehension, and develop the skills to determine the author’s intent and theme, and to recognize the techniques used by the author to deliver his or her message through the study of various genres of literature. The learner will demonstrate communicative competence through his/ her understanding of literature and other text types for a deeper appreciation of World Literature, including Philippine Literature.

I. Objectives

At the end of the first quarter, the students are expected to

  1. Observe the language of research, campaigns, and advocacies
  2. Identify parts and features of argumentative essays
  3. Formulate a statement of opinion or assertion
  4. Formulate claims of fact, policy, and value
  5. Employ the techniques in public speaking in a sample public speaking situation
  6. Use appropriate multimedia resources that accompany language
  7. Make and deliver impromptu and extemporaneous speeches with ease and confidence
  8. Deliver special speeches like toast and roast speeches, tributes, welcome and closing remarks, speeches to introduce guest speakers/resource persons etc. effectively in varied speech situations


  • A. Reading/Viewing/Vocabulary
  1. Critical Reading
  2. Bias, Prejudice and discrimination in text.
  3. Analyze advertisements
  4. Common Sense in Dealing with Digital Drama
  5. Getting Familiar with Difficult Words
  6. Forms of Media Bias
  7. Literary Techniques
  • B. Speaking/Listening
  1. Public Speaking
  2. Active Learning
  3. Delivering Oration
  4. Presenting Readers Theater
  5. Building relationship through listening
  • C. Language/Writing
  1. Familiarization of French words in English Language
  2. Understanding ideas and Concept Organizers
  3. Transition Markers
  4. Cause and Effect Relationship
  5. Using connectives
  6. Writing Bibliography
  • D. Performance Assessment
  1. Vlog
  2. Readers Theater
  3. News Report
  4. Persuasive Speech
  5. Essay
  6. Online Debate
  • E. Selection
  1. Nibelungenlied
  2. Song of Roland
  3. The Divine Comedy
  4. Don Quixote


 III. Criteria for Criteria

Written Works                           ————————-30 %

Quarterly Assessment            ————————-20 %

Performance Task                   ——————-——50 %

                                                            TOTAL—–100 %

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