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Semester: 1st

Grade: 11     

No. of hours: 80 hours /semester                                                                                   

  1. Course Description:

The development of communication skills in English for academic and professional purposes.

  1. Course Objectives:

At the end of the semester, the students should be able to:

  1. know different types of academic texts and documents in the profession and its uses;
  2. communicate effectively both in written and in spoken language using English for academic and professional purposes;
  3. create well-constructed papers for the academe and the profession, especially on their particular tracts; and
  4. perform a simulation of applied English as to actual world.

II. Course Content:

  1. English for Academic Purposes

Unit I :           Reading Academic Texts

Lesson 1        Analyzing the Structure and Language of Academic and Professional Texts

Lesson 2        Stating the Main Ideas

Unit II             Academic Writing

Lesson 1        The Writing Process (Pre-writing, Writing Stage, Post-writing)

Lesson 2        Effective Note-Taking Strategies

Lesson 3        Plagiarism

Lesson 4        Writing Précis and Abstract

Unit III            Writing Critiques and Reaction Papers

Lesson 1        Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

Lesson 2        Facts and Opinions

Lesson 3        The Content and Organization of Critiques and Reaction Papers                

Unit IV            Writing a Concept Paper

Lesson 1        The Concept Paper as Extended Definition

Lesson 2        The Concept Paper as Outline of a Project Proposal

Lesson 3        Making Novel Concepts using Graphics/Visual Aids

Unit V             The Position Paper

Lesson 1        Defining and Analyzing the Position Paper

Lesson 2        Writing a Position Paper

Unit VI            Writing Field and Technical Reports

Lesson 1        Basic Report Writing Principles

Lesson 2        Writing a Data Commentary

Lesson 3        Laboratory, Field, and Survey Reports

Lesson 4        Questionnaires

Lesson 5        Reporting Qualitative and Quantitative Data

  • English for Professional Purposes

Unit VII           General Topics

Lesson 1        Business

Lesson 2        Interviews

Lesson 3        Language of Computers

Lesson 4        Language of Law

Unit VIII          Specific Topics for Tracks

Lesson 1        Language of Medicine

                        Language of Science, Technology, and Engineering

                        Language of Technical Vocation

  1. Course Requirements:
  2. Academic Papers
  3. Notebook
  4. Online Portfolio (a compilation of all the EAPP documents)
    1. Empty Outline
    1. Paraphrased Text
    1. Summary
    1. Precis/Abstract
    1. Free-Writing
    1. Critic Paper
    1. Evaluated Rubrics (Peer Critiqued)
    1. Concept Paper/Proposal with Writing Outline
    1. Position Paper
    1. Report Paper
  • Performance TaskMidterm

1. Critique and Reaction Paper

2. Concept Paper

  • Endterm

1. Portfolio for Academic Paper

2. Simulation of using English for Professional Purposes (Interview and Parliamentary Procedure)

  • Course Subject Performance Assessments:

Written Works                                   25%

Performance Tasks                         45%

Term Assessment                            30%


  • Academic Performance Evaluation System:

                        Grade= (Midterm + End term)


VII. References:

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Prepared by:

Ms. Jerelyn A. Labio

Subject Teacher                                                      

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