Kindergarten Science ( Second Quarter )

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     The learners will demonstrate an emerging understanding of the parts of their body and their general functions; plants, animals and varied materials in their environment and their observable characteristics; general weather conditions and how these influence what they wear; and other things in their environment. Understanding of their bodies and what is around them is acquired through exploration, questioning, and careful observation as they infer patterns, similarities, and differences that will allow them to make sound conclusions.

I.Objectives: At the end of the quarter,the pupils will be able to:

A.) demonstrates an understanding of kinds of weather;

B.) identify different kinds of clothes that is used for each kind of weather ;and

  1. identify safety practices  for each kind of weather.


A.Kinds of Weather

1.Clothes for each kind of weather

2.Safety practices in the different  kinds of weather

B. Living and Non Living Things

C. Landforms


E. Environmental Care

F. Electricity and Simple machines

G. Outer Space

Sun and Planet

III.Criteria For Evaluation

A.)Written Work……………… 40  %

B.)Performance Task……….. 40  %

C.)Quarterly Assessment…… 20  %

     Total ………………………100  %

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