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Course Description: In Mathematics 1, the learners demonstrates understanding and appreciation of key concepts and skills involving numbers and number sense ( whole numbers up to 100, ordinal numbers up to 10th, money up to PhP 100, addition and subtraction of whole numbers, and fractions ½ and ¼; geometry ( 2 – 3dimentional objects); patterns and algebra ( continuous and repeating patterns sentences ); measurement ( time, non-standard measures of length, mass and capacity ); and statistics and probability ( tables, photographs, and outcomes ) as applied – using appropriate technology – in critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, communicating, making corrections, representations, and decisions in real life.

I.Objectives: At the end of the quarter ,the students will be able to:

A. demonstrates understanding of whole numbers up to 100, ordinal numbers up to 10th;

B. recognize, represent, and order whole numbers up to 100 ;

C. apply addition of whole numbers up to 100 in mathematical problem and real- life situations;and

D. recognize, and represent ordinal numbers up to 10th , in various forms and contexts.


A. Number and Number Sense

  1. Easy Number Concepts

2. Reading and Writing Numbers to 10

3. Ordering Numbers Up to 10

4. Reading and Writing Numbers to 20

5. One More and One Less

6. Reading and Writing Numbers to 40

7. Counting Number From 1 to 100

B. Ordinal Numbers

  1. Reading and Writing Ordinal Numbers

C. Place Value

  1. Hundreds, Tens and Ones

D. Arranging and Comparing Numbers

E. Number Patterns

F. Skip Counting by 2’s,5’s and 10’s

G. Adding Whole Numbers

  1. Number Bonds

2. Addition of One Digit Addends

3. Properties of Addition

4. Addition of 3 One –digit Addends

5. Addition of Two-digit Numbers Without Regrouping

6. Addition of Two-digit Numbers With Regrouping

7. Word Problem Involving Addition

III. Criteria for Evaluation

Periodical Exam……………………………………. 20 %

Written Output……………………………………….40 %

Performance Task/Product…………………. 40 %

                                                                           100 %

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