Mathematics 2 ( Second Quarter )

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Course Description: The learners demonstrate understanding and appreciate of key concepts and skills involving numbers and number sense ( whole numbers up to 1 000, ordinal numbers up to 20th, money up to PhP 100, the four fundamental operations of whole numbers, and unit fractions ); geometry ( Basic shapes, symmetry, and tessellations ); patterns and algebra ( continuous and repeating patterns and number sentences ); measurement ( time, length, mass and capacity ); and statistics and probability ( tables, pictograph, and outcome ) as applied – applied – using appropriate technology – in critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, communicating, making connections, representations and decisions in real life.

I.   Objectives: At the end of the quarter, the learners will be able to:

           A. apply addition of whole numbers up to 1 000 including money in mathematical    

                problems and real – life situation;

          B. . visualizes, represents, and subtracts 2- to 3-digit numbers with minuends up to 999   

               without and with regrouping;

          C . subtracts mentally 1-digit numbers from 1- to 3-digit numbers without regrouping   

              using appropriate strategies;

          D. subtracts mentally 3-digit numbers by tens and by hundreds without regrouping using  

               appropriate strategies;

          E. creates problems involving subtraction of whole numbers including money;

          F. performs orders of operations involving addition and subtractions of small numbers;

          G. illustrates multiplication as repeated addition

          H.  writes a related equation for each type of multiplication: repeated addition, array,

              counting by multiples, and equal jumps on the number line;

          I.  illustrates the property of multiplication that any number multiplied by one (1) is the

               same number;

J. illustrates the property of multiplication that zero multiplied by any number is zero;

K.  illustrates the commutative property of multiplication;

L. visualizes multiplication of numbers 1 to 10 by 2,3,4,5 and10;

       M. creates problems involving multiplication only and multiplication with addition or

                        subtraction of whole numbers including money with reasonable answers.

II.    Content

          A. Read and writes Money in Symbols and in words

          B. Count the value of a set of bills or a Set of coins Through PhP 1 000

          C. Compares Values of Different Denominations of Coins and Paper Bills

         D. Adding Whole Numbers Within 1 000

               1. Simple Addition Withiin 1 000

               2. Understanding the Concepts of Addition

              3. Exploring Number Bonds

              4. Addition within 1 000

               5. Simple Addition Within 1 000

                6. Adding Three to Four – Digit Numbers without regrouping

               7. Adding Three to Four – Digit Numbers with Regrouping

                8. Addition With Regrouping in Ones

                9. Addition With Regrouping in Tens

               10.Addition With Regrouping in Tens and Ones

E. Solving Word Problems Involving Addition Using Black Model Approach With Regrouping

               1. Create Problems Involving Addition of Whole Numbers including Money

 F. Subtracting Whole Numbers Understanding Subtraction Facts Simple Subtraction Within 1000 (Without Regrouping )
    • 1. Subtracting Mentally 1 Digit Numbers to

G. Subtracting 2 to 3 Digit Numbers With Regrouping                          
1.1. Subtraction With Regroupings in Ones                                     
1.2..Subtraction With Regroupings in Tens                                      
1.3 Subtraction With Regroupings in Hundreds
H. Subtracting Numbers With Zero Difficulty                           
1. Doing Mental Subtraction                                      
2.. Ordering of Operations

I. Solving Routine and Non –Routine Problems Involving Subtraction Of Whole     

                                 Numbers Including Money

J. Solving Two step word problem


K. Creating Word Problems Involving Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers     

                                 Including Money

  L.. Multiplication Of Whole Numbers

                            1.. How to Multiply

                             2.. Multiplication Skills

M.. Properties of Multiplication

  N. Multiplication Facts of 2,,5 and 10

  O. Multiplication Facts of 3 and 4

   P. Multiplying 2-to 3-digit number by a 1-digit number

    Q. Solving Word Problems Involving Multiplication

     R. Solving Word Problems Involving Multiplication Including Money

III  Criteria for Evaluation

A. Periodical Exam…………………………………….20 %

B. Written Output……………………………………….40 %

C. Performance Task/Product……………………. 40 %

Total                                                                        100 %

Mrs. Annie Marie C. Dela Peňa                                  _______________________________

        Subject Teacher                                                                     Parent /Guardian  Signature

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