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            The learner demonstrates understanding of key concepts and principles of patterns and algebra (quadratic equations and inequalities, quadratic functions, rational algebraic eqautions, variations, and radicals) and geometry (parallelograms and triangle similarities and basic concepts of trigonometry) as applied – using appropriate technology – in critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, communicating, making connections, representations, and decision in real life.

I. Objectives: At the end of the quarter, the learners should be able to:

A. demonstrate understanding of key concepts of quadratic equations, inequalities and functions, and rational algebraic equations

B. investigate thoroughly mathematical relationships in various situations

C. formulate real-life problems involving quadratic equations, inequalities and functions, and rational algebraic equations and solve them using variety of strategies


A. Quadratic equations

  1. Definition of a Quadratic equation
  2. Solving quadratic equations 
  3. Nature of the roots and the discriminant
  4. Relationship between coefficients and the roots of quadratic equations
  5. Equations transformable to quadratic equations 
  6. Solving problems involving quadratic equations and rational algebraic equation

B. Quadratic inequalities

  1. Definition of Quadratic Inequalities
  2. Solving problems involving quadratic inequalities

C. Quadratic functions

  1. Representing quadratic functions (table of values, graph, and equation)
  2. Transforming standard form of quadratic function to vertex form
  3. Graphs of quadratic functions
  4. Equation of quadratic function (table of values, graph and zeros)
  5. Solving problem involving quadratic function

III. Criteria for Evaluation:

  1. Written Works ——————————————————– 40%
  2. Performance Task ————————————————— 40%
  3. Quarterly Assessment ———————————————–20%


                                                                         Total                               100%

Prepared By: Mr. Kenneth A. Blanco                              

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