1. Course Description: This course is training program that will allow students to work in a safe and orderly manner. Train students to interpret drawings and sketches, perform industrial calculations, sharpen a tool bit into its required cutting form using the grinder, and operate the various machines inside the machine to create a project as per mechanical drawing.
  1. Course Objectives: At the end of the first quarter the students should be able to:
  1. identify the importance of safety in the field of work
  2. develop safe habits and attitudes
  3. practice safety precautions while working
  4. apply the 5 S of good housekeeping in the shop
  5. interpret drawings and sketches
  6. identify the different form of cutting tools
  7. sharpen a tool bit into its required cutting form using the grinder
  8. perform industrial calculations
  9. identify the different machines inside the machine shop
  10. explain the parts and functions of a lathe machine
  11. contribute to quality system by project making
  12. perform different lathe machine operations make a finished product based on a

           mechanical drawing

III. Course Content:

A. Introduction:

                              1. Orientation

                                  1.1. Safety

                              2. House Keeping

B. Practice Cutting Tool Grinding

 1. Facing Tool

2. Turning Tool

3. Threading Tool

4. Grooving Tool

C. Machine Practice

1. Familiarization

2. Lathe Machine

  3. Lathe Parts and Functions

D. Metrology

1. English System

2. Metric System

3. Vernier Reading

4. Micrometer Reading

IV. Course Requirements:

  1. Personal Protective Accessories
  2. Shop T-Shirt

V. Academic Performance Evaluation System:

Daily Performance —————————————————- 20%

Performance Task—————————————————– 60%

Practical Test ———————————————————- 20%


VII. References:

Henry D. Burghardt,  AaronAxelrod,  James  Anderson  Machine Tool Operation

TESDA Promulgated TR’s of 2015

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