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I. Course Description: This course is training program that will introduce students to the field of metal works. Train students to: develop safe habits and attitudes, apply the 5-S of housekeeping, measure with speed and accuracy, and work on a project based on a mechanical drawing.

II Course Objectives: At the end of the first quarter the students should be able to:

a.     identify the importance of metal works

  • identify the importance of safety in the field of work
  • develop safe habits and attitudes
  • practice safety precautions while working
  • name and explain the uses and functions of the different hand tools
  • measure with speed and accuracy
  • file a project based on established standard
  • layout dimensions according to project plan
  • file the project sides to the required flatness using the flat bastard file
  • check the flatness and perpendicularity of sides using the solid and tri-squarecheck the parallelism of opposite sides using the outside caliper.

I . Course Content

A. Introduction:

1. Orientation

2. Subject Matter

3. Shop rules

4. Shop Safety

5. House keeping

B. Industrial Arts Processes

                              1. Hand Tools

                              2. Linear Measurements

                              3. Filing

4. Solid and Tri-square Measurement

                              5. Outside caliper Measurement

C. Project Making

                              1. Base Filing

                                  1.1. Phase 1

                                    1.2. Phase 2

                                    1.3. Phase 3

IV. Course Requirements:

Personal Protective Accessories

Shop T-Shirt

V. Academic Performance Evaluation System:

Daily Performance —————————————————- 20%

Performance Task—————————————————– 60%

Practical Test ———————————————————- 20%


VII. References:

Henry D. Burghardt,  AaronAxelrod,  James  Anderson  Machine Tool Operation

TESDA Promulgated TR’s of 2015

Meeting does not exist: 85210841278.

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