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Course Description: This course is a theoretical program that will introduce students to the

field of works. Allow students to: develop safe habits and attitudes, understand the importance of 5-S in housekeeping, and develop the skill in metrology.  

II Course Objectives: At the end of the first quarter the students should be able to:

a.     understand the spirituality of work 

b.     understand the importance of Safety

c.     identify the importance of safety in the field of work

d.     develop safe habits and attitudes

e      understand the importance of 5-S in house coping

  • identify the different industrial art processes
  • name and explain the uses and functions of the different hand tools
  • measure with speed and accuracy

   III. Course Content:

A. Introduction:

                              1. Spirituality of Work

                                        1.1. What is Work?

                                                  1.2. Why do we have to work?

                                                  1.3. When did work begun?

                                                  1.4. Characteristics of Person who values work

B. Safety

                                        1. Importance of safety

                                        2. Causes of Accidents

                                        3. General Shop Safety Rules

                                          4. Bench Work Safety Rules

                     C. House Keeping

                                        1. 5-S of good house keeping     

                    D. Industrial Arts

                                        1. General Industry

                                        2. Hand works

                                        3. Bench Working   

E. Industrial Arts Processes

1.  Metrology

1.1. Old System of Measurements

1.2. English System of Measurements

1.3. Common Fractional Inch

1.4. Decimal Inch

2. Metric System of Measurement    

IV. Course Requirements:

          Ruler                                          Compass

          Bond paper                                 Crayons

          Pencil with Eraser

V. Academic Performance Evaluation System:

Quizzes/Exercises —————————————————– 20%

Periodical Exam ———————————————————20%

Performance Task/ Work Activity———————————— 60%                    


VII. References:

Henry D. Burghardt,  AaronAxelrod,  James  Anderson  Machine Tool Operation

TESDA Promulgated TR’s of 2015

Meeting does not exist: 88097834945.

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