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I. Course Description: This course is the theoretical counterpart of mechanical shop 9 that will allow students to acquire knowledge and understanding on safety, house- keeping, metrology, precision measuring instruments reading, interpretation of mechanical drawings and sketches, and how to perform industrial calculations.

II. Course Objectives: At the end of the first quarter the students should be able to:

  • identify work hazards and practices that will result in accidents
  • identify the importance of safety in the field of work
  • practice safety rules and precautions while working
  • explain the 5 “S” of house keeping
  • explain how to measure using the English system of measurement
  • explain how to measure using the Metric system of measurement
  • acquire knowledge and skills in reading the vernier caliper
  • acquire knowledge and skills in reading the micrometer caliper

III. Course Content:

      A. Introduction:

          1.  Orientation

          2.  General Safety Rules

          3.  Machine Shop Safety Rules and Regulations

          4.  House Keeping

           5. 5s of house keeping

      B. Metrology

          1. English System

          2. Metric System

          3. Conversion of English System to Metric System

          4. Conversion of Metric System to English System

          5. Vernier Caliper Reading

          6. Micrometer Reading

IV. Course Requirements:

          Ruler                                          Compass

          Bond paper                                 Vernier Caliper

          Pencil with Eraser                         Micrometer

V. Academic Performance Evaluation System:

Quizzes/Exercises —————————————————– 20%

Periodical Exam ——————————————————– 20%

Performance Task/ Work Activity————————————60%


VI. References:

Henry D. Burghardt, AaronAxelrod,  James  Anderson  Machine Tool Operation

TEASDA Promulgated TR’s of 2019

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