MUSIC 10 (2nd Quarter)

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Course Outline – MUSIC 10

Second Quarter

Course Description:

This course demonstrates understanding of salient features of contemporary music and the arts, through appreciation, analysis, and performance, for self-development, the celebration of Filipino cultural identity and diversity, and the expansion of one’s world vision.

I. Objectives: At the end of the quarter the students may be able to:

A. explore ways of creating sounds on a variety of sources suitable to chosen vocal and instrumental selections; 

B. perform selections of Afro-Latin American and popular music in appropriate pitch, rhythm, style, and expression;

C. evaluate music and music performances using guided rubrics. 

II. Topics:

A. Afro-Latin and Popular Music

  1. African Music

2. Latin American Music

3. Jazz Music

4. Popular Music

III. Criteria for Evaluation

A. Written Works- 20%

B. Performance Tasks- 60%

C. Quarterly Assessment- 20%

                      Total- 100 %

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