MUSIC 9 (2nd Quarter)

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Course Outline – MUSIC 9

Second Quarter

Course Description:

This course demonstrates understanding of salient features of Western music and the arts from different historical periods, through appreciation, analysis, and performance for self-development, the celebration of Filipino cultural identity and diversity, and the expansion of one’s world vision.

I. Objectives: At the end of the quarter the students may be able to:

A. relate Classical music to other art forms and its history within the era;

B. improvise appropriate accompaniment to selected music from Classical Period;

C. perform selected music from the Classical period;

D. evaluate music and music performances using guided rubrics.

II. Topics:

A. Classical Period

1. Classical Music

2. Instrumental Music of the Classical Period

3. Opera and Religious Music of the Classical Period

4. Classical Music Composer

III. Criteria for Evaluation

A. Written Works- 20%

B. Performance Tasks- 60%

C. Quarterly Assessment- 20%

Total- 100 %

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