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It provides the students activities that will develop their understanding of lifestyles and weight management to promote community fitness.

Course Outline – Physical Education 9

First Quarter

Course Description:

This course demonstrates understanding of community fitness in sustaining and promoting an active lifestyle.

I. Objectives: At the end of the quarter the students may be able to:

  1. undertake physical activity and physical fitness assessments;
  2. perform appropriate first aid for injuries and emergency situations in physical activity and sports settings (e.g. cramps, sprain, heat exhaustion);
  3. involve oneself in community service through sports officiating and physical activity programs;
  4. officiate practice and competitive games.

II. Topics:

A. Sustaining Healthy Lifestyle through Fitness and Proper Diet

  1. Physical Fitness: Concepts and Assessment
  2. Importance of Weight Management
  3. Fitness on the Go: Playing Volleyball and the Essence of Good Officiating
  4. Precautionary Measures for Sports-Injury Setting
  5. Community Involvement for an Active Lifestyle

III. Criteria for Evaluation

A. Written Works- 20%

B. Performance Tasks- 60%

C. Quarterly Assessment- 20%

Total – 100%

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