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Course Title: Pre- Calculus                                 

Semester: 1st


No. of hours: 80 hours/semester

I. Course Description:

The course specifically covers basic concepts in analytic geometry, equations of the line, equations of the circle and equations of the conic sections of (parabola, ellipse, hyperbola), and plane trigonometry.

II. Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

1. Formulate and solve accurately situational problems, involving distance

    formula and  midpoint of line segment.

2. Formulate and solve accurately situational problems involving straight line.

3. Model situations appropriately and solve problems accurately using conic

    sections and systems of nonlinear equations.

4. Formulate and solve accurately situational problems involving circular


6. Apply appropriate trigonometric identities in solving situational problems.

7. Formulate and solve accurately situational problems involving appropriate

    trigonometric  Functions

III. Course Content:

A. Chapter  –Analytic Geometry

  1. A.Distance between points in a plane
    1. Midpoint Formula
    1. Slope and inclination of a Line; Parallel and Perpendicular lines
    1. Equation of a Line
    1. Distance from a Point to a Line.
    1. Angles between two Intersecting Lines
    1. Conics

                                      7.1 Circle

                                      7.2 Parabola                  

                                      7.3 Ellipse

                                      7.4 Hyperbola

                               8.Solving Non- Linear Equations

B. Chapter 2 – Trigonometry

  1.   Unit Circle      
  2. Co terminal angles
  3. Reference angles
  4. Circular Function
  5. Finding the exact value of circular functions
  6. Fundamental Trigonometric Identities
  7. Proving Identities

IV. Course Requirements:

  1. Reflection Notebook
  2. Compilation of Test Papers, Rubrics & Activity Sheets
  3. Soft copy of group performance Task,

V. Performance Tasks:

  1. Midterm

(Architectural design)

1.Lines and Circle

2.Ellipse and Parabola


Big Task( Architectural Design)

  •  Endterm

(Infograhics Softcopy)

1.Unit Circle, Co terminal and Reference Angle

2.Cicular function


Big Task(Soft Copy Portfolio  Infograhics)

VI. Academic Performance Evaluation System:

              Written Work                …………………………………  25%

              Performance Task       …………………………………  45%

   Term Assessment         …………………………………  30%

                                      Total                                                          100%

VII. References:

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Prepared by:

Arlo M. Libanan

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