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Semester: 2nd

Grade: 11  

No. of hours: 80 hours /semester                                                                                   

I. Course Description:

The development of reading and writing skills as applied to a wide range of materials other than poetry, fiction and drama.

II. Course Objectives:

At the end of the semester, the students should be able to;

a. realizes that information in a written text may be selected and organized to achieve a particular purpose;

b. critiques a chosen sample of each pattern of development focusing on information selection, organization, and development;

c. understands the relationship of a written text and the context in which it was developed;

d. writes a 1000-word critique of a selected text on the basis of its claim/s, context, and properties as a written material;

e. understands the requirements of composing academic writing and professional correspondence;

f. produces each type of academic writing and professional correspondence following the properties of well-written texts and process approach to writing.

III. Course Content:

Unit I: Reading and Thinking Strategies across Text Types

Lesson 1: Text as Connected Discourse

Lesson 2: Techniques in Selecting and Organizing Information

Lesson 3: Patterns of Development

Lesson 4: Properties of a Well-Written Text

Unit II: Text and Context Connections (Critical Reading)

Lesson 5: Critical Reading as Looking for Ways of Thinking

A. Explicit and Implicit Claims in a Text

B. Context of Text Development

Lesson 6: Critical Reading as Reasoning

A. Formulating Evaluative Statements

B. Determining Textual Evidence

Unit III: Purposeful Writing in the Disciplines and for Professions

Lesson 7: Writing a Book Review or Article Critique

Lesson 8: Planning Careers Lesson

A. Application for College Admission

a. Resume

b. Application Letter

B. Application for Employment

Lesson 9: Various Forms of Office Correspondence

A. Kinds of Business Letters

B. Parts of a Business Letter

IV. Course Requirements:

  1. Using of Brainstorming Tools
  2. Outlining and using of Graphic Organizers
  3. Creating a Timeline of Event
  4. Book Review or Article Critique
  5. Resume
  6. Application for College Admission
  7. Application for Employment
  8. Writing Business Letters
  9. Reflective Learning Sheets

Performance Task:

A. Midterm – Writes a 1000-word critique on a selected text

B. Endterm – Mock Job Interview

  • Course Subject Performance Assessments:

Written Works                                   25%

Performance Tasks                         50%

Term Assessment                            25 %

  TOTAL:                                             100%

  • Academic Performance Evaluation System:

                        Grade = (Midterm + End term) / 2

VII. References:

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Prepared by:

Ms. Jerelyn A. Labio

Subject Teacher                                                      


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