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COURSE DESCRIPTION:Learners can describe the functions of the different parts of the body and things that make up their surroundings — rocks and soil, plants and animals, the Sun, Moon and stars. They can also classify these things as solid, liquid or gas. They can describe how objects move and what makes them move. They can also identify sources and describe uses of light, heat, sound, and electricity. Learners can describe changes in the conditions of their surroundings. These would lead learners to become more curious about their surroundings, appreciate nature, and practice health and safety measures.

  1. Objectives:

At the end of the quarter the learners will be able to:

  1. define force as a pushor pull;
  2. explain how force makes objects move;
  3. identify the different ources of light;
  4. observe and describe how light behaves in trnsparent,translucent and opaque materials,
  5. state that sound is produced by things that vibrate;
  6. demonstrate how sound waves travel
  7. Use the latest gadgets in science;
  8. Perform a simple experiment;
  9. Enjoy rides in bullet trains and roller coasters;
  10. Improve our singing voice using the karaoke;
  11. Develop critical thinking,scientific attitudes and values;and
  12. Join educational tours with scientific impact on the latest discoveries and trends.


A.. Force that cause objects to move

1. Rain

2. Wind

3. Gravity

B.. Motion

C. Source and use of Light and Sound

1. Light

2. Sound

3. Heat and electricity


A.Written Work:                                            40%

            B.Performance Tasks                                  40%

            C.Quarterly Assessment                           20%

            TOTAL:                                                           100%

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