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COURSE DESCRIPTION:Learners can describe the functions of the different parts of the body and things that make up their surroundings — rocks and soil, plants and animals, the Sun, Moon and stars. They can also classify these things as solid, liquid or gas. They can describe how objects move and what makes them move. They can also identify sources and describe uses of light, heat, sound, and electricity. Learners can describe changes in the conditions of their surroundings. These would lead learners to become more curious about their surroundings, appreciate nature, and practice health and safety measures.

  1. Objectives:

At the end of the quarter the learners will be able to:

A.explain and identify sense organs and its functions; and classify the animals according to theirbody partsand movements;

C.practice safety measures while caring for the animals and

D.practice different ways of caring for animals and values


 A.Human Sense Organs

1: Eyes and Ears

a.Senses and the Sense Organs

b.Primary parts of the eyes

c.Secondary parts of the Eyes

  • Nose and Tongue
  • Skin
  • Vitamin D

B.Animals External parts

4.Animals External Parts and Functions

  1. Body parts of Animals
  2. Body Covering and other Body Parts
  3. Presence or Absence of Some Body parts
  4. Movements of Animals

5.Importance of Animals to Humans

  1. Animals are source of food
  2. Animals are source of Fuel

6.Care for Animals and Caution

  1. Harmful Effects of Animals
  2. Harmful Insects
  3. Plants in the Environment

7.Plant Parts and Their Functions

  1. Source of Oxygenand Food
  2. Source of Clothing

8.Importance of Plants to Human

  1. Source of Building Materials
  2. For Decoration and Beautification
  3. Source of Medicine
  4. Source of Fuel

9.Caring and Conserving for the plants

  1. Precautionary Measures in Human
  2. Harmful Effects of Some Plants
  3. Care in Handling Plants
  4. Precautionary Measures


A.Written Work:                                            40%

            B.Performance Tasks                                  40%

            C.Quarterly Assessment                             20%

            TOTAL:                                                           100%

MS. LILIBETH M. LACSON                      ­­­­­­­­         ________________________________

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