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Science 7 deals with the difference of mixtures from substances through semi-guided investigations, how organ systems work together in plants and animals in the lower grade levels, the use a microscope when observing very small organisms and structures, the organization of life into different levels: cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms. It explains that the motion of objects in terms of distance and speed, and represent this in tables, graphs, charts, and equations, the cause on how various forms of energy travel through different mediums, describes what makes up the Philippines as a whole and the resources found in the archipelago, explains the occurrence of breezes, monsoons, and ITCZ, and how these weather systems affect people and lastly, it explains why seasons change and demonstrate how eclipses occur.

I. Objectives

            At the end of the unit, the students will be able to:

1. Describe the components of a scientific investigation;
2. Distinguish mixtures from substances based on a set of properties;
3. Recognize that substances are classified into elements and compounds;
4. Investigate properties of unsaturated or saturated solutions;
5. Express concentrations of solutions quantitatively by preparing different concentrations of mixtures according to uses and availability of materials

II. Content

A. Chapter 1- Science in our World

1. What is Science?

2.Branches of Science

3.Specializations in Science

4.Traits of a Scientist

B. Chapter 2- Science at Work

1.Scientific Method

2.Hypothesis, Theory and Law

3. Identifying Variables

4.Observations, Inference, and Conclusion

5. Qualitative and Quantitative Data

6. Measurements

7. Significant Figures and Scientific Notations

C. Chapter 3- Diversity of Materials in the Environment

1. Elements and Compounds

2. Solutions

3. Physical Properties of Solutions

4. Solubility

5. Factors that Affect the Rate at which Substances Dissolve

6. Concentration of Solutions

7. Acids and Base

III. Criteria of Evaluation


Performance Task……………..40%

Quarterly Assessment………20%


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